Application for KEA-CRO

You can apply for the event by downloading an MS Word document or filling out an online form.
Please note that application deadline is 13th of October in the current year!


MS Word document

If you would like to apply via MS Word document please download it, fill in the fields and email it back at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Online form

Fields marked withare required.

*In a special category prize "dr. Lucija Čikeš "(founded in 2003, in honor of Dr. Lucija Čikeš, and its extraordinary merit, then the director of the Center" Mir "from Kaštela, Croatia, members of the Croatian National Committee HNO). The award is awarded to Institutions / Centers / Homes / Schools / Associations / Individuals for Heads of Persons with Special Needs throughout Europe and the World, and not only for the beauty of Centers, Homes, Institutions, but primarily for the work of the well-being of the protected persons and physical development. Award "dr. Lucija Čikeš "since its founding in 2003 was won by centers from Austria, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Great Britain.

3) Registration for “international golden flower”

The Applicant pays a fee of 650 EUR, to the account of the project holder KEA-CRO c / o FISCALIS d.o.o. Split, in the name of the process costs of the application, and preparation to final completion.
The registration fee includes:

  • Providing a space for presenting the applicant during the business part of the program events of the event.
  • Entry into the event catalog with the Logo / Signature and brief information about the candidate applicant,
  • 2 official accreditations / free access to all events of the event during its duration, opening and closing ceremonies,
  • 2 places at the closing ceremony and gala evenings
  • and extra price of the hotel accommodation paid by the Applicant.

The registration fee is paid upon confirmation of the official candidacy filed, on the basis of the process costs of the application, preparation until the final realization, and on the basis of the invoice issued by KEA-CRO. Payment is made to KEA-CRO c / o FISCALIS d.o.o. Vukovarska 6, HR - 21000 Split. IBAN: HR1024070001100618909. SWIFT Code: OTPHR2X, OTP Bank Split, Domovinskog rata 61.

*Fee is not charged for individuals - CANDIDATE FOR SPECIAL AWARD "DR. LUCIJA ČIKEŠ "!

4) Additional services

If the Director of KEA-CRO decides to visit the registered town / place, the contestant institution, the Applicant ac- cepts the members of the Directory and the International Jury representatives of KEA-CRO (up to 5 persons).

The reception includes:

  1. transfer airport / city, or previous city to city com- petitor, luggage ramp, transporter to the airport,
  2. hotel ac- commodation with lunch and dinner - up to 5 / x room, one or maximum two days, depending on the program arrival, departure and departure.

For other participants, representatives of applicants who wish to participate in the final award ceremony and gala evening;

Accreditation is 35 EUR per person.

(VAT is not included in the price)

4) Text for obligatory registration in fair catalog!

Consists of: Logo / sign, full name of theapplicant, e-mail, address, www, contact person and brief description of competition motives

**City / Town / Village / Institution / Center / School, can also order a commercial advertisement in the Event Catalog