Application for Interstas

You can apply for the event by downloading an MS Word document or filling out an online form.
Please note that application deadline is 13th of October in the current year!


MS Word document

If you would like to apply via MS Word document please download it, fill in the fields and email it back at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Online form

Fields marked withare required.

1. Applicant:

3. We order:

(Equipped minimum space of 12m2 contents arranged space: basic construction, carpet, table, 4 chairs, info-stand, elect. plug, 2 reflec- tors -100W, elementary inscription, trash bin and 4 official permition pass-cards which guarantee: free participation at the 3-day event, final award ceremony at the closing gala dinner, 4 places at the final dinner and extra price for the hotel stay that exhibitor pays.)
The cancellation of the ordered space 30 days before the event will be charged 60% of the calculated price upon receipt of the invoice.
*Additional orders by special price list.


104 EUR - Equipped interior space per 1 m2
70 EUR - Aplication form
110 EUR - **Obligatory registration in the Fair Catalogue
35 EUR - Additional accreditations per person

**TAX not included.

4) **Text for obligatory registration in fair catalogue:

1. Consists of: Logo/sign, full name of the exhibitor, e-mail address, www, contact person, and brief description of company up to 30 words:

5) *We order comercial advertisment in catalogue (Format A/4, dim. 210x297mm)