FIS CALIS d.o.o.
Full International Service Consulting Agency Split
Croatian Tourism Marketing, Ecologic promotion and consulting center
Filmfestivalski, turistički, marketing, krajobrazni, konzalting servis. INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO, KEA-CRO
c/o FIS CALIS d.o.o.
Vukovarska 6, HR – 21000 Split
Tel/00385/21/344 048
Tel/Fax/ 00385/21/344 255

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The company "FISCALIS" / the only agency these type is specialized in cultural and tourism marketing, with a tradition of over 40 years. Its founder, and today's current CEO, Mr. Vojko Pleština founded the agency back in 1973 as part of then "Dalmacijakoncert", named FIS MARKETING. The Agency, from 1984 to 1989 under the name FIS CENTER, continued to operate within the former Tourist Association of the Municipality of Split. By registering at TS Split in 1989 FIS CENTER stands out from the TSO Split, and continuing its same business activities as an independent economic entity. In the december of 2003 by decision of the TS in Split, the former FIS CENTER is renamed into FIS CALIS and is continuing its marketing, cultural, tourist activities.

Consequently, continuing their marketing, cultural and tourist activities FISCALIS / is a founder and organizer of international tourism event, film festival and landscaping event and a member of international tourism, film and landscaping associations: FEST, FIJET, AEFP / EFE, ITCO.

- In 1994 INTERSTAS / International Festival of Tourism, Film and Landscape - International Club of Merited in Tourism is based,
- In 1998 ITF'CRO / International festival of tourism and ecology films is based,
- In 2003 KEA - CRO / "Krajobrazna Europska Asocijacija - Croatia" / Competition of Croatian cities, towns / villages for Entente Florale Europe and the special award "Dr. Lucia Čikeš"is based.